Reasons Why You Should Attend International Education Fairs


Now that you have decided to embark on the journey of studying abroad, are you considering what the next step should be in this direction? Attending an international education fair would be the best answer for you! Choosing the best overseas education, the intake that you need to apply for, are incredibly hard and mentally exhausting choices to make. International education fairs can be a lifesaver in this regard. With such fairs, you get the best and most comprehensive information regarding courses and universities from all parts of the world. International education fairs are events specially organized for students to keep in mind their woes and struggles concerning embarking on their study abroad journey.

Ask any of the students who have successfully placed them abroad, whether they have attended any education fairs in their life. At least eight out of ten students would say that they have attended at least one education fair in their life, be it in person or virtually. 

Why International Education Events?

One of the best places to get your study abroad journey started is at international education events. At such events, you can get to know several top-notch universities under one roof. It is one of the best opportunities for you to discuss your case in person with the university representatives and also to interact with them freely. Such events is also a great platform to discuss your study options, get information on scholarships, and the application process, and clarify your doubts about admission requirements, accommodation, and more.

Before investing your time, money, energy, and other resources, in taking your study abroad journey forward, it would the best to get yourself well-educated about the options that you have in front of you. International education fairs are the best way to get the most current updates in the arena of study abroad education programs. When deciding on a particular university or program, it is imperative to consider various aspects like job prospects, program validity and reach, funding, growth prospects, etc. Attending an educational fair can be very helpful for you in navigating through all the above-mentioned aspects with ease and making an informed choice regarding the university, country, and course you want to decide upon.

Since international education fairs, bring in a variety of universities under one roof, it is a great opportunity for students to get to know more about the university and also the course in person. Such education fairs are a great way to explore your study abroad options and get the best assistance in making the best choices for your study abroad journey. 

Below mentioned are some of the best reasons why we recommend you attend international education fairs to make your study abroad dream a reality.

Course advice

The university representatives at the fair can help you in the best way possible to know more about course selection at their respective universities. They can also give you a detailed insight into internships, course structure, accreditations, work placements, etc., to help decide on the best course and university for your study abroad needs. 

Alumni contacts

International education fairs are a great opportunity to get in touch with students who are already studying abroad. Getting in touch with them can be a great way to gather more details about the study methods and job opportunities in the country that you are looking for. University representatives present at such international education fairs would be more than happy to provide you with the contact of some of the current students. In fact, at some events, some of the alumni members would also be present to interact with students and help them understand life abroad. 

Entry requirements

International education fairs can greatly be of help in assessing your eligibility for respective universities. You can very well use the opportunity to clarify whether your academic breaks, your backlogs, or other things would affect your admissions. If you are seen as a prospective student of a good caliber, some universities make a note of your application and forward your application to their concerned faculty for consideration.

Priority processing

By attending such education fairs you can also boost your chances of getting admitted to a specific university. In most cases, the university representatives have the authority to prioritize your application and present you with a letter of offer then and there. So, if your qualifications are great, then you don’t have to wait to receive the offer, you can get it instantly without much waste of time. Carrying a copy of your academic and supporting documents is an absolute must in such cases.

Application fee waivers 

At such international education fairs, you can apply directly so that you can save up on the application process. For the students who attend such events, most of the participating universities waive their application fee to a certain amount (depending on the university/country) for students. When you are making several applications, this can be a major cost saver.

Scholarship opportunities

One of the best advantages of attending an international education fair, is that you can access a wide range of information from scholarships to funding opportunities from participating universities – all in one place!

Educational seminars

At such events, a team of experts who have been in the international education industry for years, and have in-depth knowledge about it would be readily available to help you out with any of the queries that you may have. Often, such fairs would also host seminars by one or more of their experts for the students to help address their various apprehensions regarding their study abroad journey. Such seminars would be free to attend and would impart a lot of valuable and useful information for the students who wish to study abroad. So, if you dream to study abroad, attend the best and upcoming international education fair happening next to you!