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Study Abroad Lounge is a well-reputed abroad consultancy in India. Study Abroad is a widely recognized abroad study agency with the best team of professionals. The services provided by Study Abroad include Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counseling, Flight ticket, accommodation booking, Loan assistance, Scholarship Assistance, and more.

Study Abroad Lounge is an established study abroad consultancy in Mumbai with considerable years of expertise in the field. Simply put, it's a place where all its clients’ study abroad queries are answered. Study Abroad Lounge (SAL) is officially the first pit stop before one’s flight to their study destination abroad. At SAL the company not only answers its clients’ queries but also take care of all its clients’ overseas education requirement. Be it recommending or shortlisting universities; be it building or enhancing their profile; be it application to universities or be it visa, the company even takes care of its clients’ forex and loan requirements. Once its clients’ have enrolled they just need to relax and let our experts guide them through the process.

The company’s dedicated team is passionate in its outlook for students aspiring to study abroad as many of them have studied abroad themselves and have had first-hand experience. It is this personal experience and experience of mentoring many students that are brought forward to students at SAL. It is through this informal and personalized interaction we come to know about the student's strengths and aspirations, coupled with the academics the company is able to guide the student to their best possible options abroad. The company’s motivation is the student's success; our pride is that one phone call from the student on the “Graduation Day”. The company is one of the most reputable consultants for Study Abroad in Delhi, the perfect place to find all educational-related solutions and guidance to help you succeed in its clients’ careers. The company provides valuable guidance to make overseas education within the student’s reach with its clear and efficient guidance. 

The company aims to improve students’ knowledge of overseas education through our experience and expertise. The company offers updated information about the leading universities and study-abroad countries, their admission policies, intake, tuition fees, scholarships, hostel facility, and placement opportunities, and expand their horizons to the maximum. With its sincere advice, the company assures its clients that it will make the right choice to choose the most appropriate program at the best college or university that fits its clients’ requirements.

The services offered by the company include Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counseling, Career Counselling, SOP services, and more.

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