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Immilaw is a well-reputed abroad consultancy in Cochin with the best reputation in India. Immilaw is a widely recognized abroad study agency with the best team of professionals. The services provided by Immilaw includes Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counseling, Flight ticket, Accomodation booking, Loan assistance, Scholarship Assistance, and more.

Immilaw is a reputed study abroad consultancy in Cochin with considerable years of expertise in the field. ImmiLaw Global is India’s first International Immigration Law Firm of its kind with offices in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. It presents a new model of collaboration among foreign immigration lawyers from the five most popular destination countries for migrants and study-abroad aspirants. This practice strategy was visualized in the aftermath of the Supreme Court of India ruling on foreign lawyers’ practice in India. In its March 2018 ruling, the Supreme Court permitted foreign lawyers to practice foreign law in India on a ‘fly in and fly out basis. However, these foreign lawyers would continue to be governed by the Bar Council of India Code of Conduct for lawyers. It is in the backdrop of the 2018 decision, ImmiLaw Global presents an innovative practice strategy that allows foreign lawyers to collaborate with Indian lawyers to make themselves accountable to their Indian clients, generating better trust and reliability.

ImmiLaw Global has developed a practice and procedure which cuts across the different and discrete practice regimes in India and various foreign countries that safeguards the best interests of Indian clients. Immigration Attorneys at ImmiLaw Global are Indian lawyers trained and supervised by foreign immigration lawyers from your chosen destination countries.

Immilaw has more than Ten Years of practice in the student recruitment spectrum and remains the one-stop solution instead of educational or career consultation for students at many top universities across the Globe. Also, Study abroad consultants in Cochin, Immilaw has an enormous number of direct representative Universities; Organization advisory board consists of UK and USA top noted faculties and industry experts. Therefore, the aspirant is receiving excellent advice regarding their course and study permit. Finally, Overseas education consultants in cochin (Study visa agencies) provide broader information to their clients. Each organization has its own platforms. Immilaw focuses keenly on students’ admissions, visa procedures, and pastoral care. The agency has many varying levels of admission providers on a global scale.

The services offered by the company include Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counseling, Career Counselling, SOP services, and more.

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