Nestlings connects you to everything you need for college, and to each other!

Nestlings are an established study abroad consultancy in Bengaluru with a successful track record. Nestlings are one of the finest in the country. The services provided by Nestlings include Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counselling, and more.

Nestlings is a leading study abroad consultancy in Bengaluru with an expert of professionals in its team. Applying to study abroad is an arduous task. It is important to apply to the right college at the right time. Going through all the college portals keeps one in the bay of thinkers who are on the verge of missing the deadline. It would be uncomplicated if all the colleges, scholarships, banks, and a mentor who can guide one can to choose your path are available on a single portal.

After considering the difficulties international students face in choosing a college and applying to it, we conceptualize an idea of integrating all the requirements of international students into a single portal. Colleges and universities have their information on several different portals and some information is outdated, every bank has different requirements to apply to their education loan program, criteria to apply for scholarships in universities keep changing. Considering all these complications, the company is committed to working towards making it simple for students to study abroad and design their future to the utmost level and we have made this possible without leaving a burden of cost on the student. Nestlings launched in 2018 with more than 7000 universities and colleges available on our platform and also helped more than 30,000 students to accommodate their dream of studying abroad.

Nestlings boast of an expert team of professionals as its strength! All its directors have studied and worked abroad as well as received specialized training at various universities across the globe. The company’s service package includes Career Counselling, Selection of Program, University and Country, Test Preparations, Applications Process, Expert Visa Guidance, Pre-departure Session, and Post-arrival Assistance. Imperial offer meticulous attention to each student and our methodical approach ensures students get the opportunity to achieve their dreams. A successful referral system is also in place wherein new students are introduced through existing students.

Nestlings is one of the premier study-abroad consultancies based in India. With more than 14 years of expertise in overseas education Imperial has been fulfilling the dreams of study abroad aspirants. The company has successfully placed more than 5000 students in top-notch institutions worldwide by building strong and credible relationships with its stakeholders including our Partner Institutions, Franchise Partners and Business Associates.

The services offered by the company include Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counselling, Career Counselling, SOP services, and more.

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