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Gees Consultants is a rapidly emerging study abroad consultancy in Bengaluru with a successful track record. Gees Consultants is one of the finest in the country. The services provided by Gees Consultants include Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counseling, and more.

GeeBee Education is a leading digital marketing company in Bengaluru with an expert of professionals in its team. Gees Consultants - an Overseas Education Consultancy,  was set up in 1995 by professionals who have over 30 years of experience in the field of education.  Here the special emphasis is on placing students at overseas institutions. 

Gees place students for Diploma, Under Graduate, Post Graduate, and Doctoral Programmes.  Interaction with students over the years has made Gees counselors experts in understanding the student's aspirations and guiding them towards their goals. Being a member of various international bodies helps Gees access to the latest VISA regulations of different countries and advice the students on the VISA procedures to achieve a high success rate. 

Having personally visited the institutions which Gees represent, enables the counselors to give a realistic picture of the institutions and courses to the students, which enables students to take a positive decision about the course and the country of their choice. Gees also help the students to get over the cultural shock by talking to the students and preparing them for such a situation before and after they reach their destination and thereby alleviating their apprehensions.

Gees have helped over 250,000+ students in studying abroad. Plus, the company has an inspiring network of 3500+ recruitment partners and 750+ universities. That means one can get access to a global treasure of contacts by joining Gees! Whether one is a student or a recruitment partner- one needs to know HOW their applications are being processed. At Gees, the company provides clear and quick feedback to make sure the student is on the same page every step of the way!

Bengaluru, the house of the study abroad consultants in Bengaluru takes time to learn about its clients’ intentions, its clients’ specific needs so that its clients’ education intentions are not only beautiful but also help to grow its clients’ academic achievements in a meaningful way. Gees are one of the best study abroad consultancy in Bengaluru with the best reputation in India.

The services offered by the company include Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counseling, Career Counselling, SOP services, and more.

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