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Foreign Studies is one of the best study-abroad consultancies in Kolkata with a successful track record. Foreign Studies is a leading abroad consultancy in the country. The services provided by Foreign Studies includes Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counseling, and more.

Foreign Studies is a well-reputed study abroad consultancy in India with the best business history. The company’s trained and experienced team of counselors helps students identify a course and university that perfectly match their aptitude, interests, and academic and financial background. The company’s expert career counselors with years of experience will guide its clients to choose a course and university that does justice to its client's talent and potential. The consultancy always strives to offer the best course and country for its clients, keeping in mind the changing world, job market, personal aspiration, aptitude, financial condition, etc. Foreign Studies has helped over 250,000+ students in studying abroad. Plus, the company has an inspiring network of 3500+ recruitment partners and 750+ universities. That means one can get access to a global treasure of contacts by joining Foreign Studies! Whether one is a student or a recruitment partner- one needs to know HOW their applications are being processed. At Foreign Studies, the company provides clear and quick feedback to make sure the student is on the same page every step of the way! With pioneers in study abroad services at the helm of this premier consultancy, the main focus of Foreign Studies is to provide superior quality study abroad opportunities to ambitious students and career enthusiasts in the best country and best university/college, helping them to pursue the courses to best suit their passion. The team that formed Foreign Studies includes professors and academicians who have proven skills in career guidance and career counseling. Many students and grown-ups stand benefited because of our programs and seminars about career counseling. As a leading international education consultancy in India, we provide world-class consultation and education services in domains including healthcare, nursing as well as a host of other leading globally recognized programs in the non-healthcare sector. The company is a one-stop career center focused on overseas education, student recruitment, career guidance, Job placement, and migration / PR services. Our top-notch training and personal development courses help to empower the overall personality and self-confidence of students and career aspirants. The company also provides counseling and superior coaching for students aiming for excellence in International standardized tests. The services offered by the company include Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counseling, Career Counselling, SOP services, and more.
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