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Royal Study Abroad is one of the best study abroad consultancy in Delhi with a successful track record. Riya Study Abroad is a leading abroad consultancy in the country. The services provided by Riya Study Abroad include Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counselling, and more.

Royal Study Abroad is a leading study abroad consultancy in Delhi with expert professionals in its team. Royal Study Abroad is focused on providing customized career counselling options that involve the promotion of courses from its International education partners. Whilst, Royal Study Abroad recognizes the relative strength of Indian education, International Education rewards young people with additional opportunities of learning about alternative cultures and customs that develop a rich fabric of International cultural exchange and understanding. Furthermore, the company works with education providers who are recognized for the provision of quality education and are fully accredited under the respective country's education regulatory framework. The confidence that students can have in the quality of their education further develops the skill base of young people ensuring that they can make a strong contribution to India, upon their return.

Royal Study Abroad currently has its head office in New Delhi, India. The company is planning to open its Canada office by the end of December. These offices have been positioned in key target markets providing good coverage across the most populous, affluent, and educationally conscious zones of India. In this short span of time, the company has become the authorized agent for many universities and many institutions across the world. 

The company’s trained and experienced team of counsellors helps students identify a course and university that perfectly match their aptitude, interests, and academic and financial background. The company’s expert career counsellors with years of experience will guide its clients to choose a course and university that does justice to its client's talent and potential. The consultancy always strives to offer the best course and country for its clients, keeping in mind the changing world, job market, personal aspiration, aptitude, financial condition, etc. Over these prolific years of delivering one of the best services, Royal Study Abroad has been able to build a strong trust with all its applicants it has had and continues to keep adding more satisfied clients to its fold. It is worth noting that the majority of its clients come from referrals and hence that reflects the exemplary services the company has been providing.

The services offered by the company include Course finder, Entrance exam training, Visa counselling, Career Counselling, SOP services, and more.

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